What is the cost of banners?

The cost of a banner varies with the size and type of banner you need. The size most commonly used is (468 x 60) which is offered for $34.95. It goes without saying that the cost of a banner increases with the increase in dimensions. For further pricing related information, click here. Also, $5 is charged per source file supplied in the .PSD format

It all seems to be a tough job, what information I am supposed to provide?

Every client should at least provide the custom text they wish to see displayed on the banner. Voluntarily, clients may also submit images, photos or logos. However, if the client does not supply them, our designers select appropriate photos based on the client’s criteria.

What is the time duration for the order to be completely processed?

Usually, we try our best to deliver every order within 3 days. However, in case of high order volume, it may take us around a week to get back to you. If, even after a week of placing your order, it has not been delivered, please contact us at once.

What if I do not have a logo? Will one be included in my banner?

Currently, we are not offering logo designing services. If you do not have a logo, we will incorporate text along with effects aesthetically in compliance with the website’s theme.

Are HTML5 banners offered? Can I get one?

Yes, HTML5 banners also span our scope of expertise. To make use of our HTML5 banner design service, you can order through our order page.

Where will I submit my material or files?

Soon after placing an order, our system will send you a welcome email. In the email, you have to follow a link so as to upload your material. You can upload logos, .PSD files, photos, etc.

I am skeptical about what I should include on my website banner. Can you provide any assistance?

We require our clients to only provide us with the text they want us to incorporate in the banner. In addition, you can supply us with logos or images according to your personal preference. In case you do not provide them, our designers choose appropriate stock images to represent your website competently. Still, to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, we encourage clients to provide us with as much information as they can.

Are custom-sized banner offered?

Yes, we take orders for custom-sized banners too. Request a quote for your banner’s specific dimensions by clicking here.

I am excited about ordering my banner. What is the procedure of order placement?

Once you are all set to order, click here to enter your specifications in order form. You will have to provide basic details so that we can communicate with you. Also, payment process has to be initiated while the order form is being filled. As soon as we receive your payment, we will get in touch with you in case we need any more details from you, otherwise the next mail you will receive from our side will be your banners.

What are the different modes of payment that are offered?

Sadly, for the time being, our order form is only accepting PayPal. Nonetheless, if you wish to use your credit card for payment, we will send you a link. This payment link will direct you to 2checkout.com which is our credit card processing service. We would like to specify that all of our payments are processed using strict security measures.

Will you be advertising my banner?

Bannerdesign.co does not offer advertising solution to clients directly. However, AdBrite, our partners, are able to handle your banners proficiently and we strongly recommend the use of their superior and celebrated services.

What if I need to make changes in my banner?

Usually it does not take us more than one revision to meet our clients’ expectations. Still, if the need arises, we are ready to make changes in the proposed banner a total of five times. If you are still not satisfied with what we have to offer, we will simply refund your money.

What are the types of changes that can be made?

Changes that are allowed are as follows:

  • Color
  • Position of text
  • Position of frame

Changes that are not allowed:

  • Size of the banner
  • Re-write of entire text

In case you need any of the changes that are not allowed, it will be treated as a new banner and fees will be charged accordingly.

Do you take orders having adult content?

Yes we do, provided that the content does not compromise moral or legal boundaries.

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